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AquaFamarin ® bath concentrate

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AquaFamarin ® bath concentrate - the trade name of the product,
registered in the Russian Federation.

Concentrate for bathtubs.

Composition: Water, salt, extract of antlers (water), fir oil.

Contraindications: hypertension, individual intolerance
components of the product, it is not recommended to use pregnant and lactating
women, children under 12 years.

Mode of application:

1. In the bath, pour water at a temperature of 36-38 C.
2. Add 1 kg to the bath. sea ​​or table salt.
3. Dilute the concentrate in a small amount of water (if the volume of the bath exceeds 100-120 liters, the dosage of the concentrate increases in proportion to the volume of the bath).
4. Pour the diluted concentrate into the baths (a visible sediment is allowed).

A course of 9-10 baths are taken daily or every other day.
The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes.
To fix the effect, it is advisable to reuse, but not earlier than two months later.

Shelf life: 6 months.
Store in the original packaging at a temperature not lower than 0 С and not more than 5 С.

TU 9158-001-80894856-2012


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