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TREZOR mini cold wallet is an advanced model of the most reliable cryptocurrency storage device

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TREZOR mini cold wallet is an advanced model of the most reliable cryptocurrency storage device.


P.S. партнерский лендинг (архив сайта) можно скачать в личном кабинете. Для скачивания необходим минимальный Бронзовый бизнес-контракт (пакет) от 10 USD.

Working with a cryptocurrency begins with the creation of a wallet for it. There are plenty to choose from here - both online wallets and wallets for computers and mobile phones, as well as devices with multiple stages of protection. At one time, the Coinbase online wallet was popular because of its simplicity. As it turned out, his defense leaves much to be desired, recently there have been frequent cases of theft of funds from him. Then the popularity gained offline wallets or, as they are called, cold.

Externally, Trezor looks like a flash card on which savings and access keys are stored. In addition, it can perform a large set of functions that are available in an online wallet. For example, with the help of Trezor you can pay for a product or service. A cold wallet does not store cryptocurrency in a common network, which allows for better protection of funds against theft. At the same time, it is also easy to handle it: all that is needed for a transaction is to connect the device to the computer.

The first stage of Trezor protection is a PIN. When you first connect to a computer, you will need to enter it twice, then change to the correct one, which will appear on the wallet itself. This gives protection from virus-infected computers. In addition, when you first install the wallet gives 12 or more code words. They will be needed to restore access to the device if you lose it somewhere.

For any transactions from the wallet, you must connect to a computer where you need to go to the site The site does not request any passwords and codes. Even if the attackers hack the server, access to the account without the physical presence of the wallet is impossible.

The main protection of the device is the key phrase. It needs to be remembered, not written down, like a few false phrases. They will be required in the event of a real attack on you, when the bandits ask for access to the wallet.

A key feature of Trezor is that, unlike online wallets, all protection levels are created without an internet connection. This eliminates any possibility of theft of funds. Data is stored in the device and never leave its limits.

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