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ZEROHOUR MASTER NODE - Guaranteed profitability of master nodes 5% per month

MASTER NODE ZH CASH - Guaranteed profitability of master nodes 5% per month. Fixing any amount of ZH +bonuses in others assets!

Own node with fast-growing liquidity.

Mining on all possible algorithms. High profitability of nodes. All assets leaving the network (commissions for transactions, creating a crypto asset) are distributed among the nodes. The larger the node, the greater the probability of finding a block. With the growth of the network, users, nodes, miners and mining capacities, the profitability of the nodes is growing.

Powerful Universal Application

The node uses a single, universal wallet for all types of operating systems (Windows, Unix / Linux, MacOS).

How It Works?
Unique innovative technologies of the new generation.

1) Smart Contract For Master Node
The node uses a single, universal wallet for all types of operating systems (Windows, Unix/Linux, MacOS). All processes responsible for the technical and financial parts of the gcd are regulated by a special smart contract. All processes are automated. The smart contract regulating the work of the master node is developed and developed in conjunction with the growth and development of the ZH network.

2) Master Nodes
Node — analog torrent client that downloads the "constantly updated file" (the blockchain), sending to other clients such fragments of the file transactions that claim to hit the blockchain. Rules for checking the correctness of data at the node is more complicated than the torrent client. A node configured in a special way should always be "online". The minimum account threshold of any node must not exceed 100% of the total initial amount, which is fixed when buying a master node. If this threshold is exceeded, the node is removed from the official node list. In the case of ZH differences between nodes, only in the number of asset. The greater the asset of the node, the greater the income. Workflows of all nodes are regulated by a special smart contract.

3) Profitability Of Master Nodes
Guaranteed profitability of master nodes at this stage of network development is 5% per month. Master nodes in addition to mining (forging) receive dividends (monthly charges) in the amount of 5% of the node's asset in ZH cash every month. The network is designed in such a way that all verified crypto-currency assets, including partners and those that are reviewed through our own expert community, are subject to an additional Commission when creating a crypto-asset, which is distributed between the master nodes. The master node, which generates income in cash ZH and other cryptocurrencies network Zero Hour.

4) Terms Of Buying Or Creating Nodes
The finished node can be bought in the market (node designer). Also, the node can be collected independently and apply for registration for 1000 ZH. The affiliate program works and you can earn up to 25% on the sale of nodes.

There is an affiliate program and you can earn up to 10% on sales of nodes +network.

▼ Select the quantity of coins per node ▼

VERY IMPORTANT! In the next step, please write IP address of your node (it should be deployed beforehand) and the address of the ZH wallet, which will be included in the smart contract for income distribution.

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