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Bio Key Use of BEFS self-developed H/W Encryption Algorithm ASIC CHIP Through H/W encryption, deciphering, and scrambling of three sorts of algorithm including AES256, SEED256 and ARIA, use of the world's unique encryption method that never allows outside hacking.

Available for simple LOG-IN by using the most accurate fingerprint among the bio-data. It is designed to make it possible to realize high recognition rate and to respond to a copy fingerprint, using RF-method fingerprint sensor.

Use of PASSWORD LOG-IN and USER PROGRAM In a user program, the program is locked in time of 4-time errors in password, making it impossible to use, and the LOCK is automatically unlocked with the passage of fingerprint certification in time of device connection.

BIO KEY - H product itself other than PC is a safe fingerprint certification device. USB Units of several storage size 16 GB. Available for 5 persons to the maximum PLUG & PLAY Method, No need to install any S/W Program Ergonomical design for convenient use Capacity 16GB Material PC & Urethane Coating Interface USB2.0 High Speed Size 34.6mm X 73.9mm X 13.5mm Certification KCC, CE, FCC Compatibility All OS Support Encryption Method AES256, SEED, ARIA Note 1 Color (black), Buzzer Guaranteed Period 3 Month Minimum Order Quantity 1 pieces Delivery Period 1-4 week in time of available inventory, and 6 weeks in time of order placement.

Security USB memory, Fingerprint.

A Real Hardware Encryption And Decryption Security System!

Adoption of the real hardware encryption algorithm Asic chip that is developed by BEFS.
Built-in security engine uses a mixture of 4 -AES256, SEED256, ARIA, and RSA-types of encryption algorithm and further scrambles the stored data.

Thus, it is impossible for hacking the stored data due to the unique way of hardware encryption mixture.

A Fingerprint Authentication Security System!

A fingerprint as a biometric authentication is used for easy log in.
Due to an adoption of RF fingerprint sensor, it has a high level of recognition and even blood flow evaluation capacity.
And it can check a copied fingerprint.

A Password Security System!

A password log in and an user program execution capacity
User program allows password entry up to 3 times only.
If it fails, you have to be authorized to register a fingerprint again.
Password entry system together with the user program is designed to prevent from any stored data hacking attempts.

Up to 5 fingerprints can be handled and it can be used for a team.
Users can have the case image and logo he wants.

Memory : Capacity 16GB
Material : PC & Urethane Coating
Interface : USB2.0 High Speed, (1.1 compatible)
Size : 34.6mm X 73.9mm X 13.5mm
Certifications : CE, FCC, KCC
Compatibility : USB Mass(Memory) : It works well on all kind of OS.
User Program : Windows OS
Encryption : AES256, SEED 256, ARIA, RSA Security Hardware Engine etc.
Function button : 1, Factory Reset button: 1
Place of Origin : Korea
Warranty : 3 month from the date of sale

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Delivery time from 7 to 30 days from date of order.

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