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Wild honey - honey collected in the forest away from cities and roads. It's not necessarily wild or some exotic honey!

GOST 19792-2001
TC N RU Д-RU.АИ55.В.01249

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Raspberry is a berry, known primarily as a remedy for colds and fever. For such purposes it is used in different forms: dried, frozen, fresh, even the leaves of shrubs, of which brews delicious and healthy tea. But beyond all this, there is a raspberry honey, which is not inferior to its beneficial effects on the human body.

Honey color "Crimson" at the beginning of the collection is light yellow, even Golden, with a mild aroma, which is reminiscent of berry bushes, and viscous consistency. Over time, when stored it starts to thicken and crystallize, getting together with this lighter shade close to cream.

This variety of honey acts as a strong antidepressant that for a few minutes can relieve stress, regain strength and desire to live. And be sure to improve your mood, because this property is inherent in all sweet products. And healing side of raspberry honey is not limited only to removal temperature and diaphoretic action, it is still capable of:

· to treat respiratory system like colds and tonsillitis, and for individual diseases, in addition to ingestion, inhalations;

· to relieve women's ailments – yet it has long been believed that raspberry honey is a good healer when ovarian cysts and other gynecological diseases;

· restore the mucous membrane, to relieve inflammation and irritation, to remove small ulcers, including in the oral cavity;

· stimulate blood circulation, cell regeneration, seal their walls, to stop the development of blood clots;

· to normalize the gastrointestinal tract, liver and the digestive system – used for General cleansing of the internal organs, and for treatment or prevention of diseases.

Collecting nectar with raspberry bushes, wild – a lesson for the bees in June and July. Shrubs are very rich, fertile and honey, and each of them gives a sufficient quantity of the finished product, rich in glucose and levulose – a natural sugar that makes honey nutritious. While wild raspberries, which employs our bees, has more nutrients than the garden, and certainly not processed with any chemicals to increase yields.

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