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PRO PORTION, set 12 pieces

Microbiome food "Proportion" is a complex prebiotic food, which significantly compensate for the lack of prebiotics in the human diet. First microbiome nutrition aimed at improvement of the body, prevent constipation,gastrointestinal diseases and physiological weight loss.

Noticeable effect can be felt after 3 days of application.
All respondents note: comfort in the digestive tract, ease, loss of appetite, softening of stools, more energy.

With regular use:

1.Improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract.
2.Change food preferences to more healthy food (I want to eat more vegetables, fruits).
3.Improving drinking regime, you are going to drink more pure water.
4.Reduces swelling
5.Increases physical and mental activity (it is easier to get up in the morning).
6.Improves condition of skin, nails and hair.
7.Physiologic normal weight.
8.Reduced volumes in the waist and abdomen.
9.Set a regular chair.
10.Date: heartburn, belching, meteorism.
11.Improves sexual attractiveness and quality of life.

The kit includes 2 products that compliment each other.


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